Xarelto Internal Bleeding

Xarelto Internal Bleeding
All blood thinners, including Xarelto, may occasionally cause patients to experience serious episodes of internal bleeding. However, there is currently no approved antidote to reverse Xarelto bleeding side effects. As such, a minor trauma – such as a bump to the head – can quickly become an emergency situation among patients using the medication.

Xarelto Lawsuit Reviews

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is currently representing individuals who allegedly suffered serious complications related to Xarelto internal bleeding, including:

  • Cerebral hemorrhage
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

If you or a loved one experienced similar complications while using this blood thinner, please contact our office at (888) 994-5118 to learn more about filing your own Xarelto lawsuit.

Xarelto Litigation Update

  • January 2016: The federal Xarelto litigation convened a Status Conference on January 22nd, at which time it scheduled Oral Arguments for February 23rd regarding  a proposed order governing the parties’ interactions with plaintiffs’ prescribing and treating physicians. It was also noted that the parties exchanged bellwether trial selections on January 11th, while random selections were made on January 15th. Read More
  • December: The federal Xarelto litigation is preparing to convene four bellwether trials beginning in February 2017. The first two trials will get underway in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, on February 6, 2017 and March 13, 2017. The third and fourth will take place in yet-to-be determined Districts in Mississippi and Texas on April 24, 2017 and May 30, 2017. Read More
  • April 2015: The federal Xarelto litigation will hold its “Science Day” on June 28th, 2015. The event will give both plaintiffs and the defense an opportunity to apprise the Court of important scientific and medical issues well in advance of trial, in a non-adversarial setting. Read More
  • December 2014: The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has agreed to create a multidistrict litigation for federally-filed Xarelto bleeding claims in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana. Among other things, the panel found that the docket would benefit from centralization because the pending claims raise a number of common issues, “including the adequacy of Xarelto’s warning label as to the risk of severe bleeding, the results of certain clinical studies, and the alleged need for blood monitoring.” Read More
  • October 2014: Six Plaintiffs in Xarelto lawsuits file a motion seeking centralization of all such federal claims in a single court for the purposes of coordinated pretrial proceedings. They point out that at least a dozen such cases have already been filed so far, and assert that thousands of additional filings are likely. Read More
  • June 2014: Reuters reports that Bayer has been named in at least 10 individual Xarelto lawsuits that are now pending in U.S. courts. However, some legal experts believe that hundreds of additional cases will be filed in the coming months.

Xarelto: What’s The Problem?

Xarelto is a blood thinning medication approved to :

  • Reduce the risk of blood clots in patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery
  • Reduce the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Treat pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis

The drug belongs to a class of novel anticoagulants called direct thrombin inhibitors, which prevent blood clots by inhibiting an enzyme that plays a role in coagulation. The companies that manufacture these products have marketed the medications as an improvement over an older blood thinner called warfarin because they supposedly do not require that dosage be monitored via regular blood tests.

Plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits over Xarelto and internal bleeding claim that the drug’s manufacturers failed to warn doctors and patients about its serious risk. They also contend that the drug was wrongly marketed as a superior alternative to warfarin, especially as there currently exists no approved reversal agent for the internal bleeding that sometimes occurs with Xarelto. By contrast, warfarin bleeding can be reversed via the administration of vitamin K.

Xarelto Bleeding Studies and Reports

  • December 2015: Xarelto is facing regulatory scrutiny in Europe and the U.S., after a testing device used on some participants in the ROCKET AF blood thinner study was found to be defective. The ROCKET AF clinical trial played an important role in Xarelto’s regulatory approval, both in the U.S. and abroad. Read More
  • June 2015: A study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that people who take Xarelto may be twice as likely to suffer from gastrointestinal bleeding compared to those who use warfarin. Read More
  • March 2015: An editorial published in JAMA questions current dosage recommendations for new-generation anticoagulants such as Xarelto. J. Robert Powell of the Eschelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, writes that patients might benefit from individualized dosage, rather than the one-size-fits all approach now favored. Read More
  • May 2014: The Institute for Safe Medicine Practices (ISMP) reports that the FDA received a total of 680 Xarelto-related adverse event reports in the first quarter of 2013. For the first time, reports of Xarelto complications outpaced those associated with Pradaxa, another blood thinner in the same class.

Xarelto Internal Bleeding Symptoms

Patients using Xarelto should contact their doctor if they experience any symptoms that may be associated with internal bleeding, including:

  • Blood in urine (discolored urine)
  • Black or tarry stool
  • Coughing up blood
  • Vomiting up blood
  • Nose bleeds
  • Frequent bleeding from gums
  • Swelling or weakness in the extremities

Learn More about Filing a Xarelto Lawsuit

The defective drug attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard LLP are providing free, no-obligation legal reviews to alleged victims of Xarelto-related internal bleeding. To obtain your case review, please call (888) 994-5118.

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Last Modified: February 23, 2016

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