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Federal Court Delays Monsanto Roundup Bellwether Trial Until February 2020

The federal court overseeing hundreds of Monsanto Roundup lawsuits has delayed an upcoming bellwether trial until February 2020, following a request from the parties for deadline extensions. Bayer AG, which acquired Monsanto only last year, is currently facing around 18,400 … Continue reading

Injectafer Lawsuit News: Healthcare Providers Reap Big Profits from Iron Infusion Drug

Suffer from iron deficiency anemia? Your health care provider might suggest Injectafer or another infusion drug to treat your iron-poor blood, whether you need it or not. These pricey medications have become all the rage in recent years. But a … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson Faces Another Risperdal Setback, After PA Supreme Court Refuses Appeal of $2.5 Million Gynecomastia Verdict

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court won’t hear Johnson & Johnson’s appeal of the $2.5 million verdict awarded at the conclusion of the state’s first Risperdal gynecomastia trial. The high court’s decision marks th latest set back for Johnson & Johnson and … Continue reading

Allergan Breast Implant Cancer Lawsuits Mount in Wake of Biocell Recall

Allergan, Inc. is facing mounting lawsuits in connection with the recently announced Biocell breast implant recall, including class actions for medical monitoring and personal injury claims that blame the textured devices for causing a rare cancer/ One of the latest … Continue reading

Taking Proton Pump Inhibitors for Heart Burn? You Might be Vulnerable to Allergies.

More research is pointing to possible health risks associated with proton pump inhibitors. This latest study, which was published last month in Nature Communications, suggests people who use acid suppressing drugs, including proton pump inhibitors, are more likely to develop … Continue reading

International OB/GYN Group Calls for Glyphosate Ban

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), which represents OB/GYNs around the world, is calling for a ban on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto Roundup. FIGO: Ban Glyphosate Until Proven Safe According to a Position Statement issued by … Continue reading

New York Child Victims Act: 1-Year Civil Lawsuit Window Opens August 14th

The New York Child Victims Act is about to grant a powerful tool to child sexual abuse survivors who’ve long been denied the opportunity to hold those at fault accountable. Later this month, the state will open a 1-year window … Continue reading

Former NFL Star Blames Monsanto Roundup for His Cancer

The massive litigation surrounding Monsanto Roundup shows no signs of slowing, as more and more plaintiffs throughout the United States continue to seek compensation for cancer allegedly caused by the glyphosate-based herbicide. Merrill Hoge joined their ranks last month, more … Continue reading

Ethicon Surgical Stapler Malfunction Leads to Lawsuit

A Washington state resident has filed a lawsuit against Ethicon, Inc., after a surgical stapler malfunction allegedly resulted in severe complications following a laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy surgery. Surgical Stapler Lawsuit Allegations According to a complaint pending in the U.S. District … Continue reading

California Doctor Abandons Polypropylene Mesh, Encourages Pure Tissue Hernia Repair

A California surgeon no longer uses polypropylene mesh implants to perform hernia repair, and is now one of the few doctors in the nation to offer pure tissue repair surgeries. “I came to the conclusion that this was stupid,” Dr. … Continue reading

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