Stryker Hip Lawsuit Filed One Month Ahead of LFit V40 Femoral Head Warning

Published on October 17, 2016 by Sandy Liebhard

A  Stryker Hip lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of New York woman who allegedly suffered the catastrophic failure of a hip replacement system that utilized the LFit V40 Femoral Head. The complaint, which is currently pending in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, is dated July 20, 2016 – just one month prior to the release of a warning regarding potential problems with the same component.

According to her lawsuit, Annah Maria Gidora received the Stryker  LFit V40 Femoral Head as part of the MDM X3 Mobile Bearing Hip System during a right total hip replacement in 2014. She was implanted with several other Stryker hip components at the time, including the Accolade II 127 Neck Angle Hip Stern, Acetabular Dome Hole Plug, Trident Acetabular Shell, Torx Cancellous Bone Screws, and Modular Dual Mobility (MDM) Liner.

“After the defendants’ device was implanted, Plaintiff began to experience pain ambulating including bending, climbing (and descending stairs), lifting movements, pushing, sitting, walking and standing,” the lawsuit states. “As a result of the defendants’ conduct, on October 26, 2015, Plaintiff underwent a total hip revision.”

Stryker’s LFit V40 Femoral Heads

On August 29th, Stryker issued an “Urgent Medical Device Product Field Action Notification,” after it received a higher-than-expected number of complaints regarding taper lock failure for specific lots of LFit V40 Femoral heads manufactured prior to 2011. Hazards potentially associated with this issue include:

  • Disassociation of femoral head from hip stem
  • Fractured hip stem trunnion
  • Excessive metallic debris
  • Insufficient range of motion
  • Insufficient soft tissue tension
  • Noise
  • Loss of implant: bone fixation strength
  • Excessive wear debris (polymeric)
  • Implant construct with a shortened neck length

Just five days earlier, Health Canada announced a recall for the affected LFIT V40 Femoral Heads. A Hazard Alert was also issued in Australia following the release of Stryker’s notification.

Stryker Hip Litigation

Court records indicate that the Gidora case was just one of the most recent Stryker hip lawsuit filings to involve an LFit V40 Femoral Head. In 2014, at least five such cases were filed in U.S. courts on behalf of plaintiffs who claim that the devices are dangerous and defective.

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