New Jersey Woman Claims Nexium Caused Kidney Failure

Published on September 16, 2016 by Sandy Liebhard

The growing litigation involving Nexium and serious kidney complications shows no signs of slowing down. Just this week, a new case was filed in New Jersey federal court on behalf of a woman who developed kidney failure, allegedly due to her use of Nexium and Nexium 24HR.

According to her September 12th complaint, Lakeisha Spratt was prescribed Nexium in 2014. She later began using over-the-counter Nexium 24HR on the advice of her doctor. Following her use of these drugs, she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Spratt claims that the manufacturers of the proton pump inhibitors failed to provide doctors and patients with adequate warnings regarding their potential to cause serious kidney injuries, including kidney failure.

Nexium Linked to Kidney Injury Reports

“During the period in which NEXIUM has been sold in the United States, hundreds  of reports of injury have been submitted to the FDA in association with ingestion of NEXIUM and other PPIs,” the lawsuit charges. “Defendants have had notice of serious adverse health outcomes through case reports, clinical studies and post-market surveillance.”

According to the complaint, kidney injuries reported among Nexium users include acute interstitial nephritis, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury and kidney failure.

“These reports of numerous injuries put Defendants on notice as to the excessive risks of injuries related to the use of NEXIUM,” Pratt claims. “However, Defendants took no action to inform Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s physicians of this known risk. Instead, Defendants continued to represent that NEXIUM did not pose any risks of kidney injuries.”

A number of Nexium lawsuits that put forth similar allegations regarding kidney failure and other renal complications have been filed in courts this year, following the publication of several studies that suggested long-term use of proton pump inhibitors might harm the kidneys. According to a recent report from Bloomberg Law, at least five other cases have been filed in recent months, including four in New Jersey and one in New York federal court.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP Representing Nexium Plaintiffs

Daniel Burke, a partner with the nationwide law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP, told Bloomberg Law that the kidney damage litigation involving proton pump inhibitors could be large. His Firm is representing the New York Nexium lawsuit plaintiff, and is in the process of investigating a number of additional claims. According to Mr. Burke, the Firm has received several hundred inquires from potential plaintiffs.

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