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More Valsartan Safety Worries, After Valisure Online Pharmacy Warns of 4th Carcinogen

An online pharmacy company has notified the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that yet another carcinogen could be lurking in valsartan, a widely used medication indicated to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. Valisure, which is licensed to … Continue reading

Federal Regulators Slam E-Cigarette Manufacturers’ Online Marketing Campaigns

Several e-cigarette manufacturers are facing heat for allegedly violating federal rules that govern tobacco advertising. Warning Letters Target 4 E-Cigarette Manufacturers Solace Technologies, Hype City Vapors, Humble Juice, and Artist Liquids Laboratories apparently promote their e-liquids on various social media platforms, including Facebook, … Continue reading

Study Suggests Talcum Powder Alters Both Ovarian Cancer Cells, Normal Fallopian Cells

A new laboratory study is pointing to possible link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder, yet another challenge to previous assumptions that the talc contained in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and other popular brands is inert and harmless. Talcum … Continue reading

Another DePuy Attune Knee Implant Recipient Alleges Premature Device Failure

Yet another recipient of the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System is seeking compensation for alleged defects that caused the implant to fail prematurely. DePuy Attune Knee Failed Just 5 Years After Implantation According to a lawsuit filed in the U.S. … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision Could Revive Decades-Old Clergy Sex Abuse Lawsuits

A recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Superior Court could allow hundreds of clergy sex abuse survivors throughout the state to revive decades-old civil lawsuits previously thought to be time-barred. Plaintiff Alleged Abuse Occurred in 1970s & 1980s The June 11th … Continue reading

Parties to Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuits Spar Over Inclusion of Gastric Cancer Claims in MDL

Attorneys representing the parties in thousands of lawsuits involving Nexium, Prilosec, PrevAcid, and other proton pump inhibitors are at odd over whether a federal litigation should include claims for gastric cancer. Over 12,000 Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuits Pending The multidistrict … Continue reading

Monsanto Roundup Defendant Announces Plan to Develop New Weed Killers

Bayer AG is planning to invest billions of dollars in new weed killers, a signal that the German company may be looking to undo some of the damage wrought by the growing controversy surrounding its recently acquired Monsanto Roundup weed … Continue reading

Teva Pharmaceuticals Expands Losartan Recall for Cancer-Causing Chemical

Teva Pharmaceuticals has expanded the generic losartan recall it announced in April, amid concerns that even more tablets could contain a cancer-causing chemical. Teva Pharmaceuticals Recalls 25, 50, & 100 mg Losartan The initial recall already included thousands of bottles … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive Slammed with Big Talcum Powder Mesothelioma Verdict

A California jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive to pay millions in compensatory damages to a woman who blames the companies’ talc-based powders for her mesothelioma. $12 Million Talcum Powder Mesothelioma Verdict According to her talcum powder lawsuit, … Continue reading

Alabama Students File JUUL Lawsuit for Nicotine Addiction

Two Alabama college students have filed a class action lawsuit against JUUL Labs, Inc., alleging the company’s misleading e-cigarette marketing led to their nicotine addictions. JUUL Labs markets e-cigarette vaporizers that resemble a common USB drive, which allows young people … Continue reading

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