Biomet Hip Replacement Settlements

Biomet’s M2a Magnum Hip System is the focus of legal claims involving serious and debilitating complications allegedly related to its metal-on-metal design. In early 2014, a $56 million Biomet hip replacement settlement was announced to revolve many of these cases. However, hundreds of lawsuits remain to be litigated.

Attorneys Representing Biomet Hip Plaintiffs

The nationwide law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP has represented hundreds of hip implant recipients, including many who have participated in Biomet hip replacement settlements. If you or a loved one experienced premature device failure, metallosis or other complications due to an allegedly defective hip device, please contact our office today by calling (888) 994-5118.

Biomet Hip Lawsuits

The Biomet M2a Magnum is a metal-on-metal hip replacement in which the ball and socket are constructed from a cobalt-chromium alloy. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has warned that metal debris released by an all-metal hip may result in damage to bone and/or soft tissue surrounding the implant and joint. These metal ions can also enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body, where they may cause symptoms or illnesses elsewhere in the body.

In October 2012, a federal multidistrict litigation was established in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Indiana, for all federally-filed injury cases involving the Magnum M2a Hip and other metal-on-metal devices manufactured by Biomet. All these complaints included in the litigation similarly alleged that the hip implants’ all-metal design placed recipients at risk for serious complications, including metallosis, pseudotumor formation, and early failure of the device. Plaintiffs pursuing Biomet hip lawsuits sought compensation for medical bills, lost wages, resulting disability, pain and suffering, mental distress and more.

In February 2014, Biomet announced that it had reached an agreement to resolve around 900 of these cases for a total of $56 million. The settlement  agreement stipulated that individuals “who have received a Biomet M2a 38 or M2a Magnum hip replacement system as part of an initial hip replacement that was revised more than 180 days after it was implanted” would be eligible for a base award of $200,000. However, that figure could be reduced based on a number of factors specific to an individual claimant. To receive their Biomet hip replacement settlements, claimants must have filed suit in state or federal court no later than April 15, 2014.

Contact a Hip Replacement Attorney Today

Bernstein Liebhard LLP continues to provide free, no-obligation case reviews to individuals injured by allegedly defective hip implants. To learn more about Biomet hip replacement settlements and lawsuits, please contact our office by calling (888) 994-5118.

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Last Modified: January 18, 2017

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